Investment Management



Summit’s prestigious investment committee brings together an evidence-based approach with academic state-of-the art technology. They believe in minimizing losses and respecting and protecting your wealth. Summit believes that a solid, disciplined approach and global diversification is key for successful long-term investors. That’s what we are – long term investors, seeking life long success.


The investment strategies we have developed utilize lower taxes and trading costs, applying broad diversification, strategic allocations, and planned rebalancing, giving you the best opportunity to attain higher returns at your preferred risk level. At Summit, your money is held and protected by an institutional service custodian of your choosing such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, or Fidelity. We protect and preserve first, before optimizing your wealth.


When working with Summit, you not only understand the “what and how” of recommendations, you understand why. We keep things simple, efficient, and effective. Your progress is continually monitored to make sure your financial plan stays on track and in alignment to reach your goals. You are informed through ongoing pro-active communications, affording you the confidence to pursue other interest and enjoy your life’s work.