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How Elite Advisors Grow
Proven, trust-based marketing for financial advisors

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Under The Radar
Asset Protection, Income Tax Reduction & Wealth Preservation for You and Me

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Smart Choices for Serious Money
How to Protect, Preserve, and Thrive In Uncertain Ecomnomic Times

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Pension and 401(k) Plan Traps Businesses Must Avoid and Fix

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Shift Happens:
Stop Financial Practice and Build a Financial Fortress

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Power Principle #1
The Ten Secret Steps To Guaranteed Success

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Cover Your Assets
How to Build, Protect, and Maintain your own Financial Fortress

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The Science of
Succesful Investing

Made Simple

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Third Party Publications


Markowitz’s “Portfolio Selection”: A Fifty-Year Retrospective


Markowitz Journal of Finance


Determinants of Portfolio Performance


Determinants of Portfolio Performance 20 years Later


Uniform Laws


Income Thresholds


Tax History from Circle of Wealth


11 Tips to Keep Clients Safe From Fraud