Identity Theft and What to Do Next

Summit Wealth Partners, LLC hosted an Identity Theft Workshop in the month of March. SWP partnered with Bryce Austin, Cyber Security Expert to provide clients with the latest techniques on how to protect themselves from Identity Theft. Take a look … Read More

The Rational Optimist Newsletter – Now In Color!

Check out The Rational Optimist Newsletter in color starting with our September 2016 Special Double Issue! Be sure to enter in your contact information using the “Contact Us” feature to get signed up to receive it! 

Planning Your Life Changes: Marriage

Getting married isn’t just a big life change for you, but also for your spouse, and it tends to bring on shared financial responsibility that concerns the both of you. Planning for a big life change like marriage isn’t just … Read More

Planning Your Life Changes: Divorce

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Planning Your Life Changes: Having a Baby

When you’re faced with big life changes, you also have financial needs to sort out and strategies to consider when taking steps to meet your financial goals. An Orlando financial planner can help you understand what wealth management steps can … Read More

The Top 10 Financial Self-Deceptions

We human beings are well adept to faulty rationalization when it comes to our money.  All too often we blur the truth of a situation to appease our fears. Rather than simply recognizing how we feel employing a sounding board … Read More

Who is Preparing Your Tax Return?

It’s that time of year again when you start wondering who you will entrust to prepare your tax return. If you have very simple tax forms, like a W-2 for your income, filing your own tax return might be the … Read More

4 Tips on Investing for Beginners

Investing in the stock market can be a daunting decision to make, but once you understand what to avoid, you can invest without worrying about making costly mistakes. Many people have successfully invested in the stock market while many have … Read More

6 Tax Deductions You May Have Missed

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