Process vs. Product: Keeping Priorities in Order

By Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP The beginning of a new year is typically marked with intentions to “do better” in some form or another.  Whether we’re trying to eat less, exercise more, improve in our stress management, or enhance … Read More

How To Avoid An “Affluenza” Outbreak: Preparing Heirs for a Wealth Transition

By Dr. Mitch Levin, CEO and Managing Director Our advisors commonly assist in legacy planning, that is, the coordinated distribution of client or family wealth, to occur at the end of one’s life.  While some seek to give all remaining … Read More

The Gift That Keeps on Diminishing

The Gift That Keeps on Diminishing By Jason Print, Certified Financial Planner FP®, Senior Wealth Advisor Looking for a nice Christmas gift for that special someone?  How about making them a trillionaire? A trillionaire in Zimbabwe at least.  Back in … Read More

Mapping the Basics

Mapping the Basics: Identifying Key Financial Points for Women By Chad A. Warrick, Senior Wealth Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer An increasing number of women are taking the lead in financial affairs – whether for themselves, their families, or in … Read More

The Myth of American Decline

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5 Common Investor Mistakes

Surveys commonly reflect long-standing investor confusion and frustration due to mistakes and poor decision making.  These mistakes can easily be avoided with careful planning, consideration, and guidance from highly qualified professionals.  Taking the rights steps can increase your chances of … Read More

5 Questions To Ask When Searching for a Financial Advisor

Orlando financial planning and wealth management services provides individuals, families, and businesses successful plans that can help relieve financial security stresses and can contribute to confidence and clarity about one’s future. Choosing the right financial advisor will depend upon your … Read More

Financial Turbocharger

Money is the fuel to drive your financial goals, right? Well much like most processes, there is typically some amount of wasted energy which, if utilized, could work to propel you more efficiently, effectively, dynamically. Fees, costs, inflation, taxes, and … Read More

Fees & Costs: What You Don’t See Can’t Hurt You, Right?

What you don’t see can’t hurt you, right? Wrong! Life provides us all ample examples as to how this statement is false. The same is true in investing. Did you know how much mutual funds are really costing you? Dr. … Read More