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A healthcare professional wearing gloves

Planning for Long-Term Care

One of the most significant concerns expressed by many of our clients is the unknown cost of healthcare during retirement. […]

A social security card

Summit Social Security Snippets

To obtain Social Security credits, the Social Security Administration reviews at the amount of money you earn from work on […]

Spiral clock illustrating the flick of time

In the Flick of Time

We all know Facebook has changed the way we communicate and share our thoughts but has it invented a new […]

Five gold stars

Looking Beyond the Stars

Is a Morningstar’s top-ranked five-star mutual fund a good fund to buy? Most people are familiar with Morningstar and their […]

Older woman looking concerned

Mapping the Basics

An increasing number of women are taking the lead in financial affairs – whether for themselves, their families, or in […]

Calming image of lake with birds flying overhead

The Myth of American Decline

The Myth of American Decline » Article by MITCH LEVIN, MD, CWPP, CAPP |  Featured in the September 2017 edition of The Rational […]