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Jack Malarik, Wealth Advisor

Jack Malarik

Wealth Advisor

Jack is a Registered Investment Advisor with Summit Wealth Partners, LLC. He has been a practicing financial advisor since the early 1980s focusing most of his career on clients in or approaching retirement.  He is the creator of The Life by Design Formula™ which develops his client’s lifestyle and financial goals, organizes their current investments and develops a plan to help them meet their goals.

One of the cornerstones of his business is family. He takes special care with his clients on family issues related to asset and estate planning. Whether dealing with asset protection from long-term health care costs or for special-needs children, he will work with family members during every step of the planning process.

Jack takes special pride in coaching clients to do all the things they’ve ever wanted, while maintaining a secure financial future. This may be to spend the winter in a warm climate, take the entire family to a paradise destination, or finally buy that classic car.

Jack volunteer’s his time and talents to various Cleveland non-profit organizations.

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