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Kristiana Daniels, CFP, is an Associate Advisor at Summit Wealth Partners

Kristiana Daniels, CFP®, EA, BFA™

Wealth Advisor

Recent Articles by Kristiana Daniels

  • Financial Planning for Millennials Guide

    Financial Planning for Millennials Guide

    It’s never too early to start investing. Read more about our guide for financial planning for millennials and Summit’s financial management services.

  • Bunching Deductions and DAFs

    Bunching Deductions and DAFs

    The year 2018 was the first year with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax rules in action. The results of these new tax rules were impactful for many households, especially when considering the deductions – standard vs. itemized. Fewer people itemized deductions in 2018. This bunching strategy of alternating between the standard deduction one year and itemizing the next, is designed to maximize the total tax deductions taken over a rolling 2-year period.