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Our firm has helped individuals and families manage their full financial picture for nearly 40 years.

What we offer is not much different than what other financial advisors might be selling: Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment advice, Asset Management, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Business Solutions Planning, and so on.

However, what you may find to be unique – is why we do it. Our team comes in every day and works diligently on your behalf because we have the tools and processes in place to give you and your family a sense of security, by way of financial planning.

Peace of mind is essentially at the core of why anyone desires to set forth a plan. Whether you come to the table with a plan in mind that needs validation – or you need help putting together a comprehensive financial plan – the outcome should be a sense of security.

The sense of security doesn’t come because we have mystically removed all risk and answered all the financial unknowns. However, a fully implemented financial plan would mitigate many financial risks. It would allow us to plan for the unknowns and stress test various scenarios –In order to project the potential outcomes.

We are in business for you; to provide you, your family, your business and your employees with peace of mind. That is our why.

The why drives the how – and how we do it is by acting in your best interest. We have no affiliation to large banks or brokerage firms; we remain transparent and honest, committed to developing trustworthy relationships.

The word fiduciary was rooted in our culture long before it became a requirement in the financial services industry. Simply put, a fiduciary standard encompasses the method in which we have always served our clients. This has always been a non-negotiable for us and continues to be.


Informed Solutions


You come first. Our team upholds our values of transparency and honesty to provide direct answers to your questions and offers a range of evidence-based solutions, backed by Nobel Prize winning economic research.

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Your advisory team is diverse. We thrive on collaboration and are motivated by the challenge of solving problems. We take pride in offering custom built solutions to suit each of our clients needs. Your team pursues continued education and eagerly looks for opportunities to stay sharp and provide each of our client the highest-level experience possible.

Community Involvement


We believe in focusing on helping others. It’s a company philosophy that extends outside the workplace. Our team members are active participants and even board members of some great organizations that serve our community, including Kiwanis Club and The Junior League.

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You can count on your advisory team to respond within 24 hours. We all work together to ensure you have custom solutions not just from one advisor, but from the expertise of board members and active participants. Your needs come first. With Summit, you have a team of tax and estate planners, risk managers, and investment experts behind you. Bring us your concerns and we will eagerly get to work creating a solution made just for you.

Summit Wealth Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Being an RIA means:

We are Independent (Fee-Based) Wealth Advisors

Our approach is Comprehensive & Collaborative

We Utilize Academic Research

We are Responsible to ONLY You

Your Success is Summit’s Success


Our Story