Navigating the Retirement Risk Zone: How to Avoid Running Out of Money, Part 2

NAVIGATING THE RETIREMENT RISK ZONE: How to Avoid Running Out of Money, Part 2 BY CHAD LEATHERWOOD, CFP®, WEALTH ADVISOR | MAY 5, 2018 In part 1 of this article, we discussed the importance of your financial decisions during what … Read More

Planning for Long-Term Care

PLANNING FOR LONG-TERM CARE BY CHAD WARRICK, CO-PRESIDENT & CEO | MAY 5, 2018   One of the most significant concerns expressed by many of our clients is the unknown cost of healthcare during retirement. In addition to the price of … Read More

The Risky Business of Stability

THE RISKY BUSINESS OF STABILITY BY ANDREW DICKENS, DIRECTOR OF PENSION SERVICES & WEALTH ADVISOR | MAY 5, 2018   We’ve had a remarkable recovery since the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009. The markets have been on a bull run … Read More

Summit Social Security Snippets

SUMMIT SOCIAL SECURITY SNIPPETS BY AMANDA PATE, CFP®, CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER | MAY 5, 2018   8 Tips to help you get the most out of your Social Security benefit:   Earned & Entitled To obtain Social Security credits, the Social … Read More

The Dawning of the Amazon Effect

THE DAWNING OF AMAZON THE EFFECT BY JASON PRINT, CFP®, CO-PRESIDENT & CEO | MAY 5, 2018   The Amazon Effect is a term created to describe the ongoing evolution and disruption of retail markets, due to an increase in e-commerce. As … Read More

In the Flick of Time

IN THE FLICK OF TIME BY JASON PRINT, CFP®, CO-PRESIDENT & CEO | APRIL 5, 2018   We all know Facebook has changed the way we communicate and share our thoughts but has it invented a new way to measure time? Many … Read More

Cybercrime’s New Business Model

CYBERCRIME’S NEW BUSINESS MODEL BY JASON PRINT, CFP®, CO-PRESIDENT & CEO | APRIL 5, 2018   BY JEFFREY JANSON, CFP®, AIFA®, SENIOR WEALTH ADVISOR The evolution of cybercrime in recent years has less to do with hacker’s technical tools and everything … Read More

Looking Beyond the Stars

LOOKING BEYOND THE STARS BY JASON PRINT, CFP®, CO-PRESIDENT & CEO | DECEMBER 5, 2017   Is a Morningstar’s top-ranked five-star mutual fund a good fund to buy? Most people are familiar with Morningstar and their ranking system for mutual … Read More