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Many people hold false ideas or myths about investing. Some even believe in a “magic formula” that can avoid risk and provide a high return, or that a conspiracy drives the market and fudges prices, or that investing is a way to get rich. At the same time, there are a lot of true things about investing that many people don’t know or don’t believe. Here are the truths…

The Ten Myths That Cause Investors To Fail
Investing is a reality-based, evidence-based activity – or it should be. Unfortunately, for all too many investors, reality and evidence are circumvented by false ideas that prevent understanding and sound investment decision-making. Ten myths in particular hamper the investor and need to be recognized for the false ideas that they are. Avoid these ten fables and you will have a good start on the road to sound, scientific investment choices. Here are the myths…

The Seven Factor™ System
Too many in the financial media suggest that investing is an “art.” They encourage investors to seek help from “special” individuals who have unique talents in the “art” of “beating the markets.”

Reforming A Tone Deaf Industry (Barrons)
There isn’t a lot of love out there for financial-services firms. For the past five years, diversified financial companies have ranked dead last in the Reputation Institute’s annual consumer survey of industry reputations–scoring even lower than the widely despised cable companies.

When Judging Financial Advisers, Look Beyond the Annual Return
ANY day now, financial advisers will start sending clients their annual reviews and outlooks along with year-end account statements. Both will probably look pretty good.

9-minute Lesson on Life Insurance.
INSURANCE IS A VERY SIMPLE PRODUCT. Yet, many people don’t understand how it works and some make it complicated. Let’s keep it simple. There are only two things that go into insurance; 1) the premium and; 2) the interest on the premium. And only two things come out of insurance; 1) the death benefit and; 2) the expenses associated with it.

Overview of Alternative Risk Transfer
Our CPAs are doing what we pay them to do. Our attorneys are doing what we pay them to do. Our stock-brokers and insurance agents are doing what we pay them to do. Yet few of these professionals communicate on a regular basis with the others. And they are under the same myths and misconception that the other professional knows about or is handling the issue that leads to losses.

Avoiding Medicare 3.8% Tax
How do we minimize the Medicare 3.8% Tax? That is a question that many experts in our industry are trying to find an answer.

The market is your friend. Really: a millennial’s advice to peers
Our Columnist Writes an Open Letter to His Generation of Investors

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