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What Is a Tax Deferral?

Tax deferral is an excellent option, whether you have a complicated filing this year or want to grow your wealth […]

Photo of two social security cards

Social Security FAQs

Summit’s Social Security FAQ answers all of your questions. Learn more about the significant changes for 2022 and the program’s […]

Man works on calculator

How To Thrive in Turbulent Markets

An aversion to loss causes investors to make poor decisions during an economic downturn. Read Summit’s tips for thriving in […]

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Product vs. Process Approach:

Learn the differences between the product and process approach of investing and which approach Summit Wealth Partners prefers.

10 Common Investing Myths

Falling for common investing myths negatively impacts the health of your portfolio. Learn 10 common money myths and how Summit […]

Long-Term Investing Truths

Summit Wealth offers long-term investing truths that help you become financially successful. Read more about our investment strategies.

An older couple looks concerned as they look at finances

Long-Term Care Planning

Long-Term care planning is a primary concern for retirees. Learn how proper long-term financial planning helps cover healthcare costs in […]

Couple entering retirement appear happy

The Retirement Risk Zone

The retirement risk zone is an anxious period. Learn how to navigate those years and how proper long-term financial planning […]

Photo of a family of 3 at sunset with a banner that says how to pass wisdom on to your heirs

How to Prepare Your Heirs

The purpose of the family meeting is to communicate openly, either in very general or specific terms, your current financial […]

COVID-19 Economic Recovery in 2022

We believe it is important to understand the underlying circumstances affecting the Markets—and how we are working through them, especially […]